The power of gratefulness and how being truly grateful change who you are.

The meaning of gratefulness: Feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received.

Being grateful and having an appreciation for being alive and what you have is a giant first step to great things to come.

To be grateful in words alone is meaningless. Being truly grateful is something you feel and something that shows in your everyday life.

Do you get frustrated? Are you impatient? Are you selfish? These are things that affect the people and the world around you and also within yourself. Is it possible for these things to happen if you are truly grateful?

Most people live in the past, meaning they base their behavior on past experiences. We tend to be prisoners of our own minds and make ourselves unhappy. There is no need and no value in being captured by past experiences. 50% of our memories are false because our memories are influenced by our perceptions of an event before, during, and after the event. Does it make sense to be a slave of things that actually don’t exist? We miss out on great things in life by living in the past.Free Meditation Audio Tracks

Many people will say that they need to find a reason to be grateful. The reasons are already there. Just imagine yourself in someone else’s position for a while and realize how different things could have been in your life.The Power Of True Gratefulness

When you are grateful you are also happy, kind, and selfless. Your attitude can affect those around you and open up a beautiful new world with new possibilities.

Let your gratitude, love, and kindness spill over and change your inner and outer world.

Dr. Joe Dispenza | This is why gratitude is so powerful.


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Video Transcription.

the moment you feel grateful the moment 00:01 you feel abundant now you're teaching 00:04 your body chemically to understand what 00:06 your mind is intellectually understood 00:09 so knowledge is for the mind and 00:12 experiences for the body and now we're 00:14 embodying the truth or that philosophy 00:16 more literally signaling new genes and 00:19 new ways and changing our future or 00:22 changing our genetic future and if 00:25 you've done it once then you're an 00:27 athlete be able to do it over and over 00:29 again and if you keep repeating it you 00:31 neuro chemically condition your mind and 00:33 body to begin to work as one and the 00:35 redundancy of the act over and over 00:37 again the conditions the body to know 00:40 how to do it better than mine 00:42 now it's innate in you it's second 00:44 nature it's easy it's familiar it's it's 00:46 who you are and so I think we we start 00:48 as philosophers we initiate and we 00:50 become initiates in the way mastery you 00:52 know knowledge experience wisdom mind 00:54 body soul learning it with your head 00:56 applying it with your hands knowing it 00:58 by heart thinking to doing to be and so 01:01 I think want to answer that kind of 01:02 question or that common is that 01:05 yeah yeah we should we should get up as 01:08 if our prayers are already answered the 01:10 problem is is that our senses fool us 01:12 into separation the person says I want 01:14 to be healed I want to be healthy I want 01:15 to be wealthy and they imagine it and 01:18 they come back and it's not there and be 01:20 when they see it it's not there the 01:21 thought of their future creates the 01:24 emotion of lack or separation and the 01:26 thoughts of the language of the brain 01:27 and feelings of language of the body now 01:30 you have mind and body and a position so 01:32 then if you think about something like 01:34 appreciation or thankfulness or 01:36 gratitude gratitude when you are 01:39 receiving something when you just 01:42 receive something when when something is 01:45 happening to you in the moment or 01:47 something just happened to you that you 01:48 enjoy or you're surprised about earlier 01:51 or is pleasing to you you feel this 01:54 emotion of gratitude so gratitude 01:56 becomes the the signature the emotional 02:00 signature that it's already happened 02:02 gratitude is the ultimate state of 02:05 receiving so now when the person 02:07 combines a clear intention of their 02:08 future and they open their heart and 02:11 they feel the emotion of that future 02:13 their body is objective it's the 02:16 unconscious mind it doesn't know the 02:18 difference between the actual experience 02:20 and their life that's creating the 02:21 emotion and the emotion that they're 02:23 fabricating by thought alone in that 02:25 moment their body is believing it's in 02:29 that future in the present moment and 02:31 the stronger the emotion they feel the 02:34 more altered they feel inside of them 02:36 the more they pay attention to the 02:38 picture in their mind and we could say 02:40 then that they're beginning to remember 02:42 their future and biologically it's the 02:45 same as remembering it past so if you 02:47 keep practicing opening your heart and 02:49 you keep combining it with a clear 02:51 intention then the thought and the 02:54 feeling changes your state of being 02:56 which means then if you keep doing that 02:58 over time you'll feel like your future 03:01 has already happened then what's the 03:02 significance of that if you feel like 03:05 your future has already happened you 03:06 stop looking for it you're no longer 03:08 waiting and wondering when it's gonna 03:10 happen or how it's gonna happen you feel 03:12 like it's already happened so now you 03:13 take your foot off 03:15 and you're no longer trying to predict 03:18 or control or expect how it's gonna 03:20 happen you're connected emotionally to 03:24 your future well the antithesis is also 03:26 true the stronger the emotion you feel 03:28 for some betrayal some shock some trauma 03:30 the more altered you feel inside of you 03:32 the more you narrow your focus on the 03:34 outer environment and the brain takes a 03:36 snapshot and that's called a memory and 03:38 so the stronger the emotion the more the 03:41 brain embosses the imagery 03:42 neurologically in the brain so then the 03:44 person thinks neurologically within the 03:47 circuitry of that experience and they 03:49 feel within the boundaries of those 03:52 emotions so then we could say then the 03:55 person's biology is literally in the 03:57 past so you can't create a new future if 04:01 your state of being is in the past so 04:03 people reaffirm their identity this way 04:05 they wake up in the morning and they say 04:07 let me think about my problems and those 04:08 problems are memories of past 04:11 experiences that are etched in their 04:13 brain so they think about the person the 04:15 plays the the object the experience and 04:18 we could say then if they believe that 04:20 their thoughts have something to do with 04:21 their destiny their thinking in the past 04:24 and every one of those problems has an 04:26 emotion associated and so now they feel 04:28 unhappy now they feel fear now they feel 04:30 unworthy and they might be addicted to 04:33 those few all no it's a conditioning 04:35 process because conditioning all you 04:37 need is an image they've mastered this 04:41 on television an image or a brand in an 04:43 emotion and all you need is a stimulus 04:45 and response so every time the person 04:48 remembers their future or their past as 04:50 they remember their Pratt past the image 04:53 with the emotion is literally 04:56 subconsciously conditioning their brain 04:58 and body into the past and so if they're 05:01 living in the familiar past guess what 05:03 they're gonna predict the next future 05:06 they're gonna want to be able to predict 05:08 their futures because that's to know so 05:10 that there's only one place where the 05:13 unknown exists and that's the present 05:14 moment and teaching people how to get 05:16 into the generous present moment takes 05:19 an act of aware 05:21 [Music]

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