The power of gratefulness and how being truly grateful change who you are.

The meaning of gratefulness: Feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received.

Being grateful and having an appreciation for being alive and what you have is a giant first step to great things to come.

To be grateful in words alone is meaningless. Being truly grateful is something you feel and something that shows in your everyday life.

Do you get frustrated? Are you impatient? Are you selfish? These are things that affect the people and the world around you and also within yourself. Is it possible for these things to happen if you are truly grateful?

Most people live in the past, meaning they base their behavior on past experiences. We tend to be prisoners of our own minds and make ourselves unhappy. There is no need and no value in being captured by past experiences. 50% of our memories are false because our memories are influenced by our perceptions of an event before, during, and after the event. Does it make sense to be a slave of things that actually don’t exist? We miss out on great things in life by living in the past.Free Meditation Audio Tracks

Many people will say that they need to find a reason to be grateful. The reasons are already there. Just imagine yourself in someone else’s position for a while and realize how different things could have been in your life.The Power Of True Gratefulness

When you are grateful you are also happy, kind, and selfless. Your attitude can affect those around you and open up a beautiful new world with new possibilities.

Let your gratitude, love, and kindness spill over and change your inner and outer world.

Dr. Joe Dispenza | This is why gratitude is so powerful.

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