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Discipline is really crucial to the procedure of self-improvement. Your entire life will be so much greater if you conquer yourself.
When you master self-control, you will become a totally different individual. You will understand so much more than you understood previously. You will be able to arrange goals and really accomplish them, your fears will be gone and an entirely new life will be ahead of you.
How to go about it? You first of all need to comprehend that you’re not your emotions. You’re not your thinking. You’re not your ego. You are part of the total consciousness. Thinking, self-control, and emotions were given to you as tools to utilize in this life. You’re not any of these things.
When you comprehend this and control all your aspects, you’ll conquer yourself. You’ll become totally disciplined and will be able to accomplish whatever you want.
Individuals commonly desire fast results, but when they find out what is involved in accomplishing them, they are put off by the entire process of self-improvement. If you feel this way, attempt to recognize what awesome benefits you will get when you make huge steps in personal development.


Chapter 1: Healthy Abundance Mindset
Chapter 2: Meditation
Chapter 3: Goal Setting
Chapter 4: Center Yourself
Chapter 5: Get Over Your Fear
Chapter 6: Be Grateful
Chapter 7: Visualize
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Video: Self Improvement Motivation

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Video Transcription.

no matter how terrible a situation is no matter how bad it is there's still gonna be a rose that grows from that concrete every person on this planet is capable of changing the world by changing themselves I was built for this I was not going to let myself fail right and I had that mentality and I understand that now that I grew from that concrete I'm starting to plant my seeds and there's more roses growing the plant seeds in places that people like they'll never grow here right and we're like no you can't you know cuz there's a lot of people out there that have the heart that have the talent that have the ability they just have to see that someone else to do it at the end of the day man you've really gotta want it you got a really wanted man you don't see the work that goes behind this but people don't see all that it takes to even get to that point and that's the problem and so they think it's supposed to be this this overnight thing goes oh I started an LLC give me money and I think one of the things that that's important for all of us is just the work ethic you know to be able to put in like you do the incredible hours as an entrepreneur as a visionary to do whatever it takes because I don't believe that there's a necessary magic tilt but I think there's a process and doing the doing the work is very important you know I don't want people to believe that there's a silver bullet all sudden you have a great memory or you have this great success or great relationship or health and people always ask what's the one thing I could do and I always tell people that you have to do you have to do most of it right and be smart about it but you have to put in the work because you know a lot of times people see on social media they see all of the success but what they don't see is the hustle and as this Gary Vee talks about and the I think what you as they say what you practice in private they say you rewarded for in public but do you have do you have to do the work I feel like a lot of people expend unnecessary amounts of energy trying to hold up this image of their ideal self to the world and they have this image of that they fear so it's gonna be revealed somebody else and the truth is people can we're faster and we're smarter than we think and not just to be able to rote memorize things but be able to really solve significant challenges and maybe that these challenges that we're going through or the lessons that we need to to learn the most forget the things you can't control look for the moments you can't control lose the times you can't control use the times you can control this is your journey this is your destiny and either you wander aimlessly or you grab the wheel and take control of the ship either you head in the direction you want to go or you go in no direction at all most people allow life to happen to them their time runs like a sand side life is happening to them it isn't happening for them make life work for you make your time work for you do not allow your time to empty each day without achieving anything go into the world today and spend your time wisely make small wins every day that will lead you down the path to success motivation get you started but habit will keep going motivation is great it is like a coffee in the morning it gets the engine going and gets you moving but it is a habit that will develop your success you have the potential today to be special every second that passes now is the opportunity to succeed succeed into something worthy something with the power to change to adapt adapt into the person you've always wanted to be you have this opportunity today to be something with purpose something with potential something that has the power to improve to really make it past your fears oh what I believe is all you are is this moment right now everything that you perceive about yourself from your past it doesn't exist right now you're just sitting here right so if you take a deep breath you might have these little images of what your past story is like things that happen to you things that you feel reactions to whatever but if I actually realize that everything that I think I am from past accomplishments or future accomplishments or that I have as goals or whatever are not me that I'm just this space that those ideas show up in then often they might leave right let's say you have a thought no one likes me because no one liked me at that one thing in the past okay who's saying that it's just a thought it's not you it's a thought that comes from evidence of one thing in the past but that doesn't mean that's you right whenever you let go of something scary you're only scared because your mind can measure what you will lose but it can't see what you'll gain so if you're sad because you're going through a breakup you're focused on the loss of one person versus a gain of 7.5 billion people so your mind just remembers one person but it can't see what's on the other side of it and that's no different to me than getting on an elevator when you get on an elevator it's a dark closed room just like when you meditate sometimes your visions of what you were disappear and you feel darkness but that doesn't mean because these doors are closed that there isn't a whole new world on the other side about to open up so when you feel lost you're really in a problem of you're just addicted to seeing the old story and we move as if we have forever and it's crazy and so we get very spoiled by the relationships and the friendships that we're in and we don't just appreciate them in the moment so we create these expectations and in that expectation you better be like you were before and you can't be you I have an expectation we're here forever you can't like someone else you can't feel anything else you need to be mine and we have these ex you know expectations and we forget to live and we forget to enjoy that we get this moment most people think the things that are temporary are the permanent things right the temporary passing of going through a breakup you don't understand that in a month you're gonna be okay you think when you're in a blow when you're feeling bad you think that thing you're feeling is how you're gonna feel forever which is what makes it feel worse you know what I mean when you're in a low you're like this is my life now this is it or when you're in a high and you also get extra high because you think this is my life now I've fallen in love with this person so we're together forever and I'm always going to feel like this they're the one [Music] then a month later you're like is this my life forever and you're and then and then it goes back and forth and you don't get that all of your emotions are temporary they're passing things but there is this thing in this moment right now that I feel is permanent this thing that you can feel just this silence this space I've had so many things that have shown up and left that I once thought were my reality that it feels like parts of me continue to die and I allow them to die right so most of our pain comes from believing I believe that we should keep holding on to these things that are really heavy in our lives even in physical examples like just there's a lot of us that have an attic full of things right a lot of those things are things that your past thinks you should have but they're not necessarily what your heart would want right now right like this is something I inherited or I should keep this in one day show my kids we live in a world where we don't say what we're thinking we say what we think people want to hear now if you wait all that's gonna happen is you get older because time is always gonna pass and you're always gonna move away you got to wait for something to happen it's gonna set you behind on the time you do have you're gonna wind up at the back of the race and you're gonna wind up in last place and that's not where you want to be that's not where you need to be you need to be standing side-by-side with your future self you need to be sleeping at night knowing that you tried your best and waking up every morning with a desire to adapt with the desire to change stand out today be different become something different stop lying to yourself and stand up and become something with worth something with more than you've ever been your goals your goals that you set for yourself that's your power your ambition is your power having time is so powerful you are powerful set out what you believe in lay out the power you have actually lay out the power that you have always had use this become this it had this your power can take you put you on your path to your success to the place where you succeed where you can become more than just ordinary so see what you've learned how much you gain see how far you've moved forward and use this use this to take every single second for credit this is what's gonna make your future and this is what gives you the power to have success you have this power to become something better better than ordinary your progress never stops because the show always will go on with or without you life still continues the world spins in time still passes this is your opportunity

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