It All Starts With The Mind.

The mind will always be the start of all things positive and negative. For things to happen, there must first be thought. Thought is always the first step of creation.

Humans are a remarkable species. If you look at the achievements of our species through the ages, it is just astonishing. What we achieved is a result of great minds with a desire to learn and discover more and more every day.

We are not the same when it comes to creativity, innovation, and mental abilities. Does it have to be this way? Can anyone change their minds for the better and have a successful, prosperous, happy and healthy life?

Fortunately, the answer is a big fat yes. Many people are not aware of what the human mind is capable of. From all over the world we hear stories from ordinary people achieving extraordinary things. People become successful, healthier, wealthier and happier by changing their way of thinking and training their brains. The good thing is that it is also backed by modern science and recent discoveries.

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People limit themselves because of beliefs ingrained by their parents, teachers, and society. How many times were you told, "You will never..." or "You can't"? How about the example set by others around us? People's views are in general very limited and the unwillingness to learn and blindly following those we regard as leaders are some of the main causes of the many problems we face in the world. We tend to believe what we hear too easily and never question anything fed to us. We are therefore limited to a world created for us by others.

Another reason for our limitations is our fear for the unknown and as a result, we stick to what we know and we tend to live in the past.  There are those bad experiences we had that still influence how we think, behave and feel today. If you sit still and think about it for a while, you may realize that it is totally unnecessary and a waste of time and energy to allow yourself to be influenced by something that actually doesn't exist. About 50% of our memories are actually false memories anyway and that is a scientific fact. Why do we have false memories? Our expectations, bias, prejudice, and perceptions we have before, during and after an event have an influence on how we remember that event.

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Ask yourself what you could have achieved by now if you focused your energy on bettering yourself, instead of what is happening in the world around you and constantly being on the offensive, making excuses, and blaming others and circumstances around you for your problems. We are placing so much stress on ourselves that we make ourselves mentally and physically sick. It is now a well-known fact that stress cause illnesses in the body and that changing our way of thinking can eliminate stress and heal our bodies.

It all starts with the mind

See the video below that explains what stress is doing to your body and how the mind can heal the body and extend your life span.

Triggering Self-Healing - Extend Your Life Span


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