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Believe In Your Vision.

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Believe In Your Vision.


I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but this needs to be reiterated. The world does not care about your feelings. Get that through your head. Wrap your mind around it. Write it in stone. Sure, a lot of people talk a good game around you, they try to make you think that your feelings matter, and they do, to a certain extent, with your friends and family members. But for the rest of the world, feelings don’t matter because everybody has feelings.

If you want the world to respect you and take you seriously, you only have to do one thing: take action. When you do things, you change your world because now you’re serious. The world knows you’re not screwing around. You mean it.
How does it know? Well, you changed your actions. You have results to show for it. That’s how the world judges you. Which brings me to the next stage of the Law of Attraction, manifestation.

There are all sorts of hokey books written about this stage. In fact, they are written in such a sloppy and careless way that they make you think that this is all magical. There’s nothing magical about this. Manifestation really boils down to believing so much in your vision that it changes your emotional state.
If you can get to this level, the law of attraction is working for you. Why? Once you get to this stage, it’s like being on a roller coaster.
If you’ve ever been on a roller coaster, you know that there is a part of your trip where you go up this steep incline and then it starts to slow down until a large chunk of the roller coaster is over that hump, and then boom, it goes down at a high rate of speed. That’s where you feel like your guts are in your mouth.
Manifestation is getting to that hump because after that point, the world has no choice but to sit up and pay attention because when you allowed your vision, which you have carefully selected, rehearsed and fine tuned to change your emotional state, all bets are off because once your emotions are involved, your actions start to change.
Let your emotional state change your mental habits. This is where you flip the switch from negativity to possibility, from possibility to positivity, and from positivity, you go on to probability. And once you’re at that probability stage, congratulations, because the change is imminent.

We all start from negativity. At some level or another, we feel we can’t do it. We don’t have access to the right stuff, we’re not connected, and so on and so forth. There are just tons of toxic excuses that we’re stewing in. That’s where we start.
But you focus so much on your vision that you are able to move from negativity to possibility. This is when you start thinking, “Yes, it is possible. It is doable. It’s not out of the ordinary. I can’t write this off. It can happen.”
And then from there, you get to positivity where you feel pumped up that with the right focus, with the right planning and the right faith, this is going to happen. It’s not like it can happen, but it IS going to happen.
And then from there, you go to probability, which is, “I’ve already put in a lot of time. and the chances of this happening is very high,” and then you get to imminent change where you’re basically just inches away. You can smell it. You can feel the heat coming off your personal vision become real.
Let your changed mental habits lead you to changed actions. Let it happen.
Again, going back to the roller coaster example, when you let your emotional state change your mental habits, it’s like you’re going over that hump, and after enough of the roller coaster has gone over that hump, you cannot stop the roller coaster because it’s going downhill at a crazy rate of speed. That’s what makes it so terrifying and fun at the same time.
That’s exactly what happens once you make the switch to that emotional state because it becomes harder and harder to stop this chain reaction until you let your changed mental habits lead to changed actions. Let it happen. Stop doubting yourself. Give up on second-guessing yourself. Let it happen.
It may seem like it will take time but find the time. Eventually, you will look at your daily actions to achieve your big goals in life through the power the Law of Attraction as a reward, in and of itself. If you reach that point, congratulations, because you are well on your way to living an unstoppable life.

Believe In Your Vision.

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Believe In Your Vision …………………………………………………. 6
Believe That It’s Possible …………………………………………………………………… 6
Believe You Can Do It ………………………………………………………………………. 7
Believe That Your Vision Is Clear …………………………………………………………. 7
Act On Your Vision …………………………………………………………………………… 8
Help Yourself Out by Using Belief Boosters …………………………………………… 10
Reading Positive Quotes ………………………………………………………………….. 11
Case Studies………………………………………………………………………………… 12
Biographies …………………………………………………………………………………. 12
Make It Part Of Your Daily Routine …………………………………………………….. 14
Integrate Your Belief Into Your Daily Life ……………………………………………… 14
Quick Note On The Importance Of Action And Manifestation ……………………… 18

Download Free Ebook: Believe In Your Vision

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BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – Powerful Motivational Video

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Video Transcription.

sometimes you just have to believe in 00:03 yourself nothing can be achieved until 00:07 first it's believed you have to believe 00:11 it to see it sometimes the easiest way 00:15 to get what you want is to just start to 00:18 just take that first step you can do and 00:21 be anything that you want them out what 00:24 no matter what you've been told and 00:26 conditioned to think growing up start 00:29 from today to believe that you can we 00:33 know that we want but we don't do 00:34 anything to actually go and get it all 00:38 the while you're standing around weigh 00:39 in 00:40 doubting yourself telling yourself you 00:42 can't have this and can't have that for 00:44 whatever reason you're never gonna get 00:45 it focus on how your life will be bare 00:49 and what your life will look like when 00:51 you get what you want 00:53 greatness isn't achieved by that one 00:55 massive thing you do it's those tiny 00:57 little consistent baby steps we take 01:00 every single day that add up to 01:02 achieving that goal 01:04 amazing things happen when you believe 01:06 you have something your brain actively 01:09 goes out to make it happen 01:12 believes that you can do it and work 01:14 hard to get it and it's yours we're all 01:17 born with the same amount of time in a 01:18 day and anything that they can do you 01:21 can do too if you want to do something 01:25 bad enough you can get it doesn't need 01:32 you to believe because I can be up here 01:35 speaking and if you're sweating up here 01:37 crying and pour my heart out to you but 01:39 if you have the mindset like nothing is 01:41 ever gonna change like some of you when 01:43 they was doing that play and they was 01:45 doing that skip some of you felt it 01:47 some of you was like wow they share my 01:49 story but there was still a little voice 01:51 in the back in your mind they say yeah 01:53 but that's not really gonna change 01:54 oh yeah it's easier said than done no no 01:56 no listen to me hear me loud and clear 01:58 your mindset your belief system is 02:02 everything and it is so powerful and so 02:05 I came all the way from Atlanta Georgia 02:07 to tell you you were not a mistake 02:08 you were not an accident you were here 02:11 for a reason I know you're going through 02:13 some hard times I know life at times 02:15 might feel rough or you might feel weird 02:17 or things might be frustrating but it's 02:18 not going to always be like this you're 02:20 conditioned it's not your conclusion 02:22 there is so much more that's going to 02:24 take place there is so much more power 02:26 that's inside you if you make up in your 02:28 mind I choose to believe that I could do 02:31 great things and I want you to seriously 02:32 think about your life I think about 02:35 where you are internally we have a group 02:37 of people in here some of you you're 02:40 struggling yourself some of you are just 02:42 trying to get by you've got so many 02:43 pressures on you you want to make your 02:45 family proud you don't say you want to 02:47 give good grades you want to make you 02:48 proud but then you also have friends and 02:50 you want to be cool in their eyes and 02:52 you want to kind of fit in there and 02:54 then some of you were in a really rare 02:55 place you feel like people don't 02:56 understand you you feel like you're 02:58 having a hard time to connect with 02:59 people when you wake up in the morning 03:01 you feel like you're in the slumps and 03:02 you feel tired and drained like I get it 03:04 I've got a message for you right the 03:06 people those of you that's looking for 03:08 us acceptance from others you're gonna 03:10 have to make up in your mind and say you 03:11 know what whether you accept me 03:13 I'm amazing I'm smart I'm beautiful I'm 03:15 talented because if not if you live for 03:17 their acceptance you'll die from their 03:19 rejection so you got to tell yourself 03:21 you know what I know I'm amazing and I 03:23 know I'm smart and those of you that 03:25 feel like you're in a really weird place 03:26 those of you that feel like nobody 03:28 understands you those of you that feels 03:30 like men I'm just here but I'm not 03:32 having a hard time connecting with 03:34 people you lost your zeal you lost your 03:36 passion you know you feel like you know 03:39 what's the point of living you feel like 03:40 what you could relate to what they were 03:42 doing in the skit here's my advice to 03:44 you don't keep it to yourself the worst 03:47 thing that you can do when you're in 03:49 that dark place it should just let that 03:51 thing push you off in the corner I'm 03:53 gonna challenge you to come to the light 03:55 and be bold and be brave enough and be 03:58 vulnerable enough to say hey you know 03:59 what I need help I can't do this by 04:02 myself and you know why I'm an advocate 04:03 for that so much it's because of to this 04:05 day I'm in my 30s and I still got 04:07 counselors I mean with and I still have 04:09 counselors and therapists that I sit 04:11 down with and I have a counselor of 04:13 people so that I can meet way to connect 04:15 with crazy right 04:19 some people look at me and they say are 04:21 nonprofit in South Africa they see our 04:23 repeating and closing people they see my 04:25 family my wife they see all of that and 04:27 then like all cheering your life is just 04:29 so awesome and I'm like you know what 04:31 you know life is good but that won't 04:34 mean I don't have struggles that don't 04:37 mean I don't have doubts 04:39 I don't mean that I don't have some 04:41 insecurities that doesn't mean that you 04:44 know I don't sometime question like man 04:46 am I good and there's some time I still 04:47 hear their voice sometimes I go back to 04:50 like being that little boy in the 04:51 hallway that ever heard that teacher 04:53 tell my mom that I wasn't high school 04:54 material then I have to remind myself oh 04:56 no no no no no that no that's not true I 04:58 am that I can't do that I can't achieve 05:01 that sometime I have to remind myself 05:02 what am i telling you like life can be 05:04 hard life can be rough but there's 05:05 something special and there's something 05:07 powerful about the human mind and about 05:10 the human spirit and about the human 05:12 will when you tell yourself I won't give 05:14 up I won't surrender I won't quit I'm 05:16 gonna solve every single day and do the 05:18 best that I can and here's the beautiful 05:20 thing about you is while you're going 05:23 through your process and while you're 05:26 trying to navigate these waters and 05:27 while you're still you know trying to 05:30 tweak some stuff within yourself you 05:32 still got the power to save somebody 05:33 else's life you got the power to speak 05:35 up for others you got the power to be 05:38 the voice of reason for someone who 05:39 might be on the verge of doing something 05:41 they shouldn't do you have the power of 05:43 saying hey I saw this going on I know 05:45 this isn't right you have the power to 05:47 put your arm around somebody that might 05:49 be in a really rough place you have the 05:50 power where you see that person sitting 05:52 by yourself in the cafeteria you slide 05:54 over by them even if they make you feel 05:56 like you're weird that's fine because 05:57 they're gonna go home and they're gonna 05:59 think like wow somebody actually saw me 06:01 somebody actually set by me like you 06:03 have the power to compliment someone and 06:05 say hey I like those kicks or I like 06:07 your hair alright like your style like 06:08 you have the power to brighten 06:10 somebody's day your words are powerful 06:12 your energy is powerful and so I don't 06:15 know what you want to think that you 06:16 have to have it all together and 06:17 everything for you has to be perfect in 06:19 order for you to be a leader no no no no 06:21 you can make an impact you can make a 06:23 difference you can save somebody's life 06:25 right now by you just being 06:27 unapologetically you and you're walking 06:29 in that calling and you speak light and 06:31 you affirm and you let others know I see 06:34 you and not with you and I got your back 06:36 and you're not by yourself and I will 06:38 hold your hand as you go throughout this 06:40 journey and even though I'm struggling I 06:42 don't mind 06:43 on behalf of you and we're gonna figure 06:45 this thing out together there's a good 06:53 chance that all you've ever been told or 06:54 made to feel in your life so far is that 06:56 you can't do there every time you 06:59 even dared to dream your life could be 07:01 better you were shot down or laughed at 07:03 made to feel small made to feel useless 07:06 made to feel like an idiot for even 07:07 thinking you could be more all of us 07:11 have had these moments in our life where 07:12 just at that point we thought it was 07:14 possible 07:14 a massive shadow of doubt was thrown on 07:16 us normally watch someone close to us 07:19 all you've ever done when you thought 07:21 about that thing that you want is 07:22 picture all the hard work and it'll 07:25 take to get there you paint such a 07:27 negative picture in your mind of all 07:28 this pain that your brain does 07:30 everything it's supposed to it keeps you 07:32 safe and avoids the pain because of this 07:35 picture you're painting your brain will 07:37 associate pain with that thing you want 07:39 and do everything in its power to avoid 07:41 it when you think it's not going to be 07:45 possible and you're gonna fail your 07:47 brain fix disappointment which is pain 07:50 and it avoids it when you think it's 07:52 gonna be hard work and it's gonna take 07:54 ages your brain fix pain and avoids it 07:57 the first thing you've got to do to get 07:58 what you want is believe that you can 08:00 believe it's possible for you to have it 08:02 and if there's someone out there that 08:04 has done it or got what you want why the 08:06 ain't it possible for you believe 08:08 that you can and once you want something 08:10 and believe you can get it 08:12 you've got to block out all of the noise 08:13 around you that's gonna tell you can't 08:15 do it don't listen to him that just 08:18 believe that you can the next thing you 08:21 got to start doing is focusing all the 08:23 good that will happen when you get 08:25 what you want not all this you got 08:27 to go through to get there focus on how 08:29 your life will be better and what your 08:31 life will look like when you get what 08:33 you want focus on all this in your 08:35 life now and how I'm getting what you 08:37 want and get away from all that you 08:41 this and your brain will think that by 08:42 helping you get what you want you're 08:44 moving away from pain and towards 08:46 pleasure you can do anything you want in 08:48 this life anything at all but you gotta 08:51 believe it's possible and work your ass 08:53 off to get it 08:54 I commemorate here in this old story a 08:58 gentleman was walking through an 09:00 elephant camp and in spite that the 09:02 elephants weren't being kept in cages or 09:04 anything like that are being held by 09:06 chains all that was holding them back 09:08 from escape in the camp was this small 09:10 little piece of rope that was attached 09:11 to their ankle as the man gazed upon the 09:13 elephants he was completely confused as 09:15 to why the elephants didn't just use a 09:17 will its strength to break the rope and 09:18 escape the camp they could easily have 09:20 done so but instead they didn't try it 09:22 all the man was curious and wanted to 09:24 know more so he asked one of the 09:26 trainer's nearby why for the elephants 09:28 were just stand-in there and never even 09:29 tried to escape and the trainer replied 09:31 when they're very young and much smaller 09:33 we use the same size rope to tie them 09:36 and at that age is enough to actually 09:38 hold them and stop breaking out as they 09:40 grow up they're conditioned to believe 09:42 that they can't break away they believe 09:44 that the Rope can still hold them so 09:47 they never even try to break free the 09:49 only reason that the elephants weren't 09:51 break him free and escaping from the 09:52 camp was they're over time they've 09:54 adopted this belief that it was 09:55 impossible the moral lapse story is that 09:58 no matter how much the world tries to 10:00 hold you back always continue to believe 10:03 that what you want to achieve is 10:05 possible you know believing you can do 10:07 something successful is the most 10:09 important step in actually achieving it 10:11 you can do and be anything that you want 10:13 them out what no matter what you've been 10:15 told and conditioned to think growing up 10:17 start from today to believe that you can 10:20 you can have that thing that you want 10:23 all right it's yours it's staring you in 10:24 the face right in front of you we've got 10:27 to take it all the while you're standing 10:30 around waiting doubting yourself telling 10:32 yourself you can't have this and you 10:34 can't have that for whatever reason 10:35 you're never gonna get it 10:36 just like that elephant you might have 10:38 this little rope around your leg 10:40 conditioned to think that it's holding 10:41 you back but you're big enough and 10:44 strong enough to take on the world 10:46 you've just gotta believe it's possible 10:48 so believe

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